Bilder der Schweiz Online, Images of Switzerland

In the context of the research project “Bilder der Schweiz” (Images of Switzerland), funded by the private Stiftung Familie Fehlmann (Fehlmann Family Foundation), Swiss Art Research Infrastructure (SARI) is developing tailored semantic models and ontologies for the representation of complex relationships with regards to collection, (art) history and topography. Based on collections data from the Fehlmann Family Foundation (private collection), the Zurich Central Library (graphic collection) and the Swiss National Library (graphic collection), SARI develops and customises processes for editorial adjustment, transformation and finally the publication of all relevant content as human and machine-readable semantic data (Knowledge Graph).
Specifically, SARI develops query and research environments which enable continuous scientific processing of historical materials and the publication of reference data (places, people, works, terms, etc.) as well as the further semantic enrichment of content from relevant data sources using digital methods (e.g. spatial data from the Federal Office for Topography, content from library catalogues, etc.). Hereby, SARI employs state-of-the-art semantic web technologies and methods. The data set created with SARI processes figures as the base for a public portal developed with the Department for Modern Art History at the University of Zurich, as part of subproject 2.


Watch Stephanie Santschi, BSO Project Coordinator at SARI, introduce the Bilder der Schweiz Online research project on the occasion of the SARI/BSO Open Day, 8.12.2020, 11-12:00 CET: 

Watch Florian Kräutli, Knowledge Graph Engineer at SARI, introduce visions for a Bilder der Schweiz Online (BSO) Time Machine on the occasion of the SARI/BSO Open Day, 8.12.2020, 11-12:00 CET:

Watch Julien Raemy, IIIF Systems Architect at SARI, introduce the implementation of IIIF for Bilder der Schweiz Online research project on 14.12.2020.