The Swiss Art Research Infrastructures Technology

The technology stack we use in order to provide access to data.

Linked Open Data

Linked Open Data is both a movement and a set of technologies which allows us to define general schemas for linking diverse information coming from museums, libraries and archives under the same umbrella, in order to both keep their intrinsic semantic value and allow the user to search across them.

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Reference Data Services (RDS)

The Reference Data Service (RDS) is an open and distributed infrastructure for the collection and interlinking of reference data. The aim of the service is to provide digital humanities projects, memory institutions and programmers with a set of components for re-using, creating and aligning reference resources.

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An ontology is a shared representation of the possible entities and relationships present in a domain as well as their intended meaning. It reflects our knowledge about a domain of discourse and it is grounded in logic. Ontologies are a functional tool to be used within the Semantic Web to construct and constrain the meaning of the published data.

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The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) is a series of specifications for making digital image repositories interoperable. Its objective is the possibility to share data and information, as well as to browse diverse image repositories using a series of common practices and protocols.

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