The SARI Reference Data Models.

With the term Reference Data Models we denote a re-usable template of common descriptors grounded on the analysis of select sources determined to be of relevance to the entity being modelled.

Each available template is a collection of descriptors for a specific entity and each descriptor is mapped to the CIDOC-CRM ontology. The aim is manifold: to provide reference implementations to be used by institutions and projects not familiar with CIDOC-CRM, to create usable guidelines to generate input interfaces for born-CRM semantic data and to guide mapping processes from extant sources into the CRM conformant reference model using tools such as 3M.

The Reference Data Model are produced together with FORTH-ICS and describe these entities:

Each of the Models listed above present an initial introduction of the sources and the methodology used for grounding the model. Following this introduction each descriptors is defined and its modelling in both textual and graphical form is provided to the reader.

Not all the Reference Data Models are immediately available. The availability is subject to internal scrutiny; only when a model is considered stable and vetted by a community of expert will be published in the documentation section.